As a graphic designer keeping up-to-date on the latest trends is a must. So when 2021 took my career down the path of setting up on my own, offering freelance graphic design services, I thought now is the perfect time to start my own blog. 

What’s the Blog About?

This will be a space to share design knowledge, ideas and inspiration, but not be limited to design thinking. Over the years I’ve found that the best Graphic Designers have much more than just design skills. It takes a good understanding of brand strategy, business, marketing, technology and digital trends to name a few. I should mention that I wouldn’t consider myself an ‘expert’ in these fields. However, these are all areas of personal interest in and are an important part of my development as a designer.

In my design career I’ve worked as part of an in-house marketing / design team and for a creative agency. In both these places I’ve had the pleasure of working with talented individuals from business leaders to creative professionals. I’ve always found working closely with them to be of tremendous value. I recognise that working for myself the opportunities to collaborate and share industry knowledge may be less accessible – not to mention the socialising and networking restrictions imposed by the current pandemic. So this blog is my proactive approach to continue developing and sharing knowledge.

Collaborative Approach

I’m a big believer in creative collaboration, it’s what attracted me to graphic design as a profession. Having a collaborative approach to every project is integral to success in my option. The most rewarding part of the job is having a close working relationship with all my clients. Not only to share my insights in design but also to learn from them. I’m lucky enough to work with a diverse range of businesses and people all with their own areas of expertise.

I hope for this to be more than just following my learning as I set up my own business. The articles to follow will provide value for readers and in particular for sole traders and small business owners. Having recently set up my own business, I’m appreciating the phrase ‘wearing many hats’ more and more. While I know only too well know the value of working with creative professionals – be it designers, copy writers or developers. I can appreciate that for start-ups, small businesses and sole traders like myself there can other factors making a more DIY approach the better option initially. 

If you have any suggestions for topics you would like me to cover connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook.